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Cannatourism is the most inclusive, diverse and
exciting niche of the global cannabis industry!

* Accommodation

* Activities

* Arts & Entertainment

* Classes & Workshops

* Cultivation & Processing

* Destinations

* Education

* Events

* Food & Beverage

* Products & Accessories

* Services

* Tours & Guided Excursions

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Bring your vision to life!

If you need some help, artist, advocate and entrepreneur Miz D has been blazing the cannabis tourism trail in Canada and beyond since 2004.

Her expertise ranges from guided excursions and upscale destinations including retail, to hosting edutaining events for local and international visitors. This lady knows what it takes to build a successful cannatourism operation in this newly emerging and quickly growing legal market.


Whether pivoting your existing business to a more cannabis-friendly model or creating your cannacentric dream, her practical knowledge and proven strategies will help you avoid costly mistakes, maximize ROI and build a sustainable lifestyle sharing your passions with others.


Check out D's story to learn more.

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